Friday, April 18, 2008

Birthday Blast On APRIL 15, 2008

So when I planned Olivia's party, I checked the weather and it said 75 degrees. I rented a giant blow-up slide to go in our front yard. Now on Monday night Mom asked what I was going to do now that it is to snow on Tues. Tues. morning I called to see if the cultural hall in our church was available. Lucky for us it was. I called Fun Services and they told me the slide was too tall but they could bring an obsticle course instead.
This giant thing took up the whole gym. It was so much fun. Kind of like our own bouncin off the walls.

We played limb0. My kids are very flexable in their backs and were the clear winners.
Thanks everyone for sharing my birthday with me!! I had a blast!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008



1. SHE loves to do it herself, i.e. hair, breakfast and dress. The best part about it is I let her. She usually looks like an orphan but its not worth the battle.
2. Macaroni and cheese -a classic!
3. Friends, she will end one playdate and immediately say "I want to play".
4. ROXY, our dog.
5. Loves to come into my bed every morning early and fall back asleep. Between 4-7 am.
6. She loves to sing, especially in the shower where she belts it out.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Parker has been waiting for about 2 years for this day!! He was so excited to join the metal mouth club. He looks so grown up to me in them. I think he doesn't think they're as neat now that his mouth is so sore!! We have the best Ortho if anyone is interested. Dr Scott Vincent has the new latest technology. By the way he was one of Mel's Boyfriends in 8th grade!!


lAUREN AND oLIVIA N. jumping off the waterfall in Green Valley. We love this pool.
We found this new great hike north of snow canyon. It had mini sand dunes and fun rocks to climb. We love hiking in St. George. It is always so much fun to have a bunch of friends there with us.
The beautifun moon coming up over the red rocks at the Dixie narrows.

THe neighborhood boys.
Little miss gu!!

Easter EGGS with GRANDMA

Grandma tended the kids while Dave and I were away. They had a great time decorating eggs. They were all very proud of their eggs.

They even made one for their dad. But I think I ate most of them. Fast and Easy protein!

San Diego Getaway

Dave won a trip with his company. This year it was in San Diego. I was so excited for a getaway without kids. We stayed at this really nice resort, the Rancho Bernardo Inn.
We got great treatment. Dave had scheduled both of us for a day at the Spa. His boss really razzed him about his femine side and convinced him to join them for a day at the County Club golfing. I really enjoyed my 90 min massage and steam and day at the pool by myself. It was fun to get room service breakfast and room service lunch out by the pool. THe weather wasn't as warm as I wanted it to be (mid 60's) but warmer than Salt Lake. IT was fun to have fancy dinners and deserts. I have also never seen people drink so much. The wine and drinks kept coming.
Fancy desert!!

We spent an entire day touring wine country. Five vineyards!! Way too many. We do not drink so of course it was a little long of a day. And the weather was really cold this day. It was beautiful country!!


Grandma and Grandpa and Di and Bentley joined us.
Parker and his friends Colin and Brandon also wanted to come join the fun.

THis year after looking at the Scott's blog we decided to try out Leatherby's. We all love icecream and it sounded fun. The kid's loved the GIANT sunday's!

Bryn's night at the Oscars

For Bryn's B-day party this year we had a night at the Oscars. They came dressed up in fancy dresses. Bryn and Her friend Eliza used Eliza's grandma's prom dresses from the 50's. They were so cute. We then did their hair and make-up. The girls were divided up into 4 groups and then did mini skits. We then had "Oscar" awards. THey had alot of fun.