Friday, April 18, 2008

Birthday Blast On APRIL 15, 2008

So when I planned Olivia's party, I checked the weather and it said 75 degrees. I rented a giant blow-up slide to go in our front yard. Now on Monday night Mom asked what I was going to do now that it is to snow on Tues. Tues. morning I called to see if the cultural hall in our church was available. Lucky for us it was. I called Fun Services and they told me the slide was too tall but they could bring an obsticle course instead.
This giant thing took up the whole gym. It was so much fun. Kind of like our own bouncin off the walls.

We played limb0. My kids are very flexable in their backs and were the clear winners.
Thanks everyone for sharing my birthday with me!! I had a blast!!


Karyn said...

Happy Birthday Olivia! Man, she is way too cute! Your kids are growing up so fast!
It looks like you had lots of fun with the giant slides, what a great idea!

Melanie said...

I like how you don't post for MONTHS and then all of the go and post 5 events! Cute pics.

Cami said...

Irie had a blast! It worked out perfect at the ward house...I would have never thought to have it there. Brilliant!