Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Come one come all

We had our second annual Weeks everyone sleep over Christmas Eve Party. Dad and Mom prepared all the food. For dinner dad made shrimp and clam chowder and med. rare roast beef sandwiches. Mom made a yummy breakfast casserole and our traditional ebelskiebers. Di and Lori helped me clean the house which I very much appreciate. Di can whip my kids into shape better than me.
The party was real fun. Jeff made name plates for everyone, he is so much fun to have over because he gets so into it. He loves setting everyones stuff out.

Our own Hannah Montana

Olivia is quite obsessed with High School Musical. She is always belting out all the songs. Bentley gave her a microphone that plays High School Musical songs and Grandma gave her a Hannah Montana wig and doll. She is so fun to watch. Alex and Bentley had fun with is also.


iT'S quite embarrassing how many gifts the kids received. They were all very happy

Even Roxy made a haul. Roxy loves Uncle Matt and Grandma.


Bryn and Lauren loved their matching jammies from Justice.

All the kids opened their one gift Christmas Eve, pj's.
Parker was actually cooperating and smiling for this pic. It seems now that he is 13 he is way to cool for photos. We went to get the kids photo with Santa yesterday and he was so embarrased and would not cooperate and it made him look quite nerdy.

Uncle Edwina

We had Edd and Alan over for a small gathering. Olivia had Uncle Edd all Glamed out. WE renamed him Edwina. What a sport he is.

Rawsthorne Family Christmas

Melanie hosted a fun family party on Friday the 21st. We had lots of good food and holiday sweets. I made my caramels and pecan logs. They were so devine.
We ended the night with lots of creative hot cocoa mixes and flavored milk steamers( my favorite!). I also made homemade marshmallows, they weren't pretty looking but tasted yummy.

Sara Schwitzer( Josh's wife) read us the Polar Express and then each child recieved their own bell. Afterwards Santa's Elves left presents for each child. We all had such a great time. Thanks Mel!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


On Nov. 20, our Nar turned 9 years old. She is a long lean bean, the same height as Bryn. Dave calls her the perfect child. She always puts herself to bed. She gets her homework done right away, no procrastination. Always makes her bed. Will take everything out of her closet to reorganize it, because SHE thinks its messy. She loves to be silly.
Lauren's nine favorite things
1. Drawing
2. webkins
3. Basketball
4. Carbs
5. Friends
6. Music
7. Stuffed animals
8. Hugs and Kisses
9. Hannah Montana

Monday, December 10, 2007



THE BIG 13!! I can't belive it, he is a teenager.
1. Tennis 2. Friends 3. Skiing 4. Video Games 5. Candy 6. Sushi 7. Roxy(dog) 8. Clothes 9. Girls 10. Family Traditions 11. Music 12. Sports 13. Junk
For his Birthday his tradition is going to Bonsai Japanese Resturant were they cook at your table. Grandma and Grandpa Weeks. Matt, Jo and Di and Jeff came along. We had a great time. He also requested a Cold Stone icecream cake. Red Velvet with cake batter icecream. He got new skis and tennis stuff as gifts. He is a great kid but turning into a punky teenager with attitude!! Yuck!!

Pumpkin Patch

We went to this little pumpkin patch near Mom's house. It was more like a nursery. My kids wanted a real pumpkin patch so we drove to the biggest one I've ever seen.

The sky looked like the Wicked Witch of the West was going to come out of it at any time.