Friday, August 29, 2008


Wow, another year yet gone by, and summer oh so fast! The 3 older kids started again on August 25th. First grade started a day later and Olivia was off. THey were all very ready to go back. I think they do miss the structure and all their school friends. Excited to wear their new school clothes and use their new back packs and tote bags. Lauren and Bryn had a hard time finding the perfect backpack and tote. We looked for about 1 week. They love to shop!! Lauren 4th grade
Bryn 6th grade
Kids at the bus stop
Olivia on her first day and with the girls. I should have insisted on getting a pic of Parker but he refused.

I really thought I would cry this year having all my children gone all day. I didn't. I think it has to do with me starting back to college also. I have been so distracted I haven't had time to mourn. This is a big year for me that I really thought would never come. I am excited to have some of my own time. But on the same note I do feel much older. I miss my children being young and cute in the preschool ages. They do and say the cutest things. I miss it!
My sweet Parker is now in 8th grade and has really grown this year. He gives me a little bit of teenage grief with his talking back and laziness!

Rawsthorne Reunion is BEAR LAKE, UTAH Aug. 11-15, 2008

WE had a wonderful week in Bear Lake, Utah with Grandma Rawsthorne and her descendents. It was way more fun than I thought it would be. I have the coolest Grandma!! She is 92 years old and so healthy and with it. She know all of her great-grandchildren's names and what they are up too. She was asked if she wanted to go on the wave runner. She said "Why not", it was the coolest thing to witness> I think all the daughter's had a tear in their eye!! She is sooo Cool!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

More LAKE POWELL July 2008

First thing in the morning Olivia was asking to water ski!! She is such a brave girl and everyone was amazed!!

This was the first time Bryn has EVER got in a lake where she can't touch. We were so proud of her!! She was determined to try everything-Wake board, slolom ski, wake surf and double ski. The only trouble, not enough time on the last day.
Lauren did not want to try to ski!! We made her and she was an awsome she also was a great wake boarder.


We were lucky enough to be invited by our good friends the Rolfe's to Lake Powell. They are so generous and lots of fun.
The wake surf was a new big hit. Parker held the record for longest surf without the rope. The men were jealous and kept trying to make him fall. It was a great thing to do when the water was choppy.
Maddie, Lauren, Bryn and Chase

Livie and Allie Rolfe