Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bryn's 11th

My little miss B is now 11. Wow, she is growing up way fast. She has preteen attitude and emotions. She is a joy to be around.

Bryn's 11

1. She loves her friends.

2. She loves to ski, play comp. soccer and dance.

3. She always comes right home from school and gets her homework done without being told.

4. She loves to tend and I hear back that they really love her.

5. She loves to watch movies.

6. She does her own hair everyday and loves to wear little flower clippies.

7. She has 11 secret admirers in the 5th grade.

8. Dave calls her and her 4 best friends the "Plastics".

9. She loves Cafe' Rio pork salads, cookies and cream icecream, tapioca pudding, and apple juice.

10. She doen't like to sleep alone in her bedroom in the basement. She sleeps with the lamp on or the hall light on with an eye mask.

11. She loves to bake.

Monday, February 11, 2008

1st time in 19 years

Saturday Feb. 9th, 2008
My dad is 66 and hasn't skiied for 19 years. He wants to get back into it. I hear he was quite the hotdogger when he was young. He taught me to ski and as a young child I remember skiing Snowbird black diamond runs and the Tram with him. Ski technology has changed. Skis are wider and shorter. He wasn't used to this. The ski rental shop rented him too short of skiis and he said he felt like he was on skates and going to tip over. Of course my DAD never complains and I did't find out until he said he was done. Dad said his legs felt like they did when he ran his marathon.
He skied with Jeff and Parker in the morning and Me and Lauren and Olivia in the afternoon.

Olivia and Grandpa sharing a huge $5.00 rice krispy treat.

Monday, February 4, 2008


I used to make suckers all the time when I was about 12 (A little bit of nostalgia).I had this vision of a Valentine's decoration and of coarse nothings better than candy. It doesn't quite look like I had invisioned but Parker came home and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Olivia had fun watching me make them. They all had fun tasting them.


aBOUT 2 weeks ago Mel came over and we made these paper mache' words. We just painted and covered them with cute paper. It was fun to get together and craft, something I don't do very often.