Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chicks or No chicks

So I've been thinking for awhile about having chickens. I love farm fresh eggs end especially the brown and blue ones. A friend in my ward was telling me about her hens about 2 months ago. She told me the neighbors don't even know she has them. How nice would it be to have fresh eggs every day. I made the mistake of mentioning this to the kids and of course they won't let up about it. Bryn has been "shopping on line for chicks". The kids tell me they will help take care of them. ( I say uh huh, just like you all take care of the dog!)

Tonight I was over to my sister's for a B-day. Her mother in law has 6 hens. She told me all about how sweet and friendly they are and that they don't stink. I guess we will be visting her this week to check out the set up. For now I'm still thinking!


Once upon a time... said...

YEA!! You did it, you're blogging again!! Let me know about the chicken thing. Very interesting!! Cute updates and darling Bryn! Anyway it is getting nice again, maybe we should consider the walking?! Let me know!!

Cheri' said...

My kids love to go to the Merkley farm and collect the eggs. You are right about farm fresh. They taste so much better. I don't know if I could have them at my house though. Good luck with your decision!

Aimee said...

Tam, I need you to send me your email address so I can send you an invite to view my blog. I had to make it private. thanks!

Jeff and Diana said...

i dont know if you get much response because no one knows you still blog is a little dusty.
i think you should go for the chicks.

Jennifer said...

Hey Tam! It's awesome to see a new post! Yay. I think you should totally get chickens. I want some.